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Frequently Asked Questions

why the sky's the limit when you're a partner?

How can payment be made to the company?

There are 3 methods you can use to deposit money to the company's accounts during registration,

  • Through your debit card
  • Through your bitcoin wallet
  • Through direct deposit to company's account( for those making bulk purchase)
How do I know I am registered?

A message is sent to you through the email provided during registration.

Am i expected to have a certain number of registered accounts?

It is recommended to have a minimum of 3(Three) and a maximum of 7(seven).

How do i receive my payments?

Every earning first drops at your back office, then you can initiate a withdrawal every friday and your transaction is processed within 5 minutes. All your earnings paid into your local account or your bitcoin wallet. $0.17 processing fee is charged.

How do i recover my password when lost?

Through your password recovery channel on the login page.

How do i contact the company in case of any inquiry?

Through our email on the contact page. We have trained customer care that will attend to you, Mondays to fridays between 10am to 4pm GMT +1

How long does it take for the company to deliver my incentives?

It takes between 30days to 90days from date of qualification.

Can i receive cash award in place of items for my incentives?

Once Qualified, a notification is sent to you and you will be requested to indicate how you want your incentive (Cash Or Item) to be paid. Note, for now the company insists on item to help advertise the company. then Subsequently, you can be receiving cash if you choose to, paid into the account you provided.

As a patner, am i expected to pay for the various trainings?

Capital "NO", that is the value we are adding to your life. They are absolutely free, so you can live a life without borders.

Any form of follow up by the company on the funds released for business start up?

Our goal is not only to train you to become an entrepreneur but to ensure that you actually become one. Therefore after the training, an M.O.U is signed between you and the company to start your business within 30 days after submission of a detailed business proposal to LWB Company and the proposal approved, the funds is released to you with a "GO AHEAD" mandate.

How do i know the programme to go for?

At the point of qualification, a congratulatory email is sent to you with a detailed list of companies and skills available with their locations for you to choose which of the skills to go for.

For the entreprenuership training, what if i am incapacitated by age or any other circumstances that makes it impossible for me to go?

You can nominate any person of your choice who must be a member of LWB and must have undergone our series of leadership and business trainings as we are building a focused, determined and purposeful entreprenuers who will be a blessing to the society. NB - Where you norminate such a candidate, all the funds supposed to be given to you for the entrepreneurship development goes to the person nominated.

What if i am already skilled in a particular area and want to professionalize in it?

After due evaluation by the company, an agreement can be reached between you and the company on certain terms and conditions because our core aim is building responsible professional entreprenuers and leaders.

For the family trip, what if you want more members to join?

You pay additional money per person joining which fees shall be made known to you by the Company based on the current processing fees obtainable in that country, at that time.

Will the cash of 1400 dollars at stage 6 meant for skill/entreprenuership training be paid cash?

NO. The money covers the training expenses. That is the amount the company has budgeted to spend for your training, paid directly to the companies that will be handling such trainings. it could cost less or more for the company.

If you do not find the answer to your question listed within our FAQ's, you can always contact us directly at Info@lwbinternational.org

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