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Living without borders is a dynamic, Innovative, experienced and dedicated multi level company that is passionate about training people on area of leadership,entrepreneurship and business. Members will equally have opportunities to travel outside the country for the purpose of being trained in this areas.

To achieve the above, the company has carefully drafted a simple binary system whereby members simply refer two people and build a team of successful people, earning at every little effort they put in, and with team work, they will start qualifying for various attractive incentives to encourage their efforts. These incentives are qualified by accumulation of certain points for each level of achievements.

Our company

We believe so much in human capacity development, leadership trainings, and in passing our vision and belief from one generation to another and we believe in training great entrepreneurs who will take mantle of leardership.

Your Success is our Success, your joy our joy and it is our utmost belief that the best investment any one can make is on the human mind and person; An informed mind is a progressive mind.

Our Mission

Our core values is to provide professional and superior Trainings locally and internationally to our partners on areas of (1) Leadership (2) Business and (3) Entrepreneurship as well as supporting them in starting small scale industries where they can actually practicalize these trainings, expand thier business and become employers of Labour.

Our Vision

Our vision is that millions of people be transformed through our seasoned trainings and become decision makers who will not only grow from small scale industry owners to big companies to be reckoned with but as well pass on these belief and trainings from one generation to another thereby making the world a better place.

About Us

The Company is managed by professionals who have been in the multi-level marketing industry for a decade now, building a large team of young succesfull entreprenuers who are business owners today.

About Our CEO

"We believe so much in you and we believe that you have the powers to change anything at all, the strength lies right inside of you. Give us the chance to harness it and you will be that Star you have always dreamt of."

We will work with you through it all till you are completely and totally successfull, we are partnering with trainers all over the world to ensure you receive the best of trainings from the best of mentors, entrepreneurs and owners of industry.

Ways to earn in LWB

Referal Bonus
This is the money a partner earns for directly sponsoring partners directly under him/her
1st indirect referral bonus
When your first generation (that you sponsored directly), refer a partner, you earn 3% from the partnership fee.
2nd indirect referral bonus
When your second generation refers a person you earn 2% from the partnership fee of such 3rd generations refered by second generation.
Carrier Bonus
This is the bonus you earn as you move from one level or stage to another. the higher the stage, the higher the bonus.
Biz training and start up capital
When you have attended a certain stage, you are trained in any skill of your choice from our list of available skills, and you also receive a start up capital.
Business Support
You earn this financial grant as you improve in your business.
Business Expansion
You equally earn this as you keep building and moving up the ladder of greatness.
Binary Bonus
you earn this bonus as points accumulate on your weak leg for every new registration that enters your weak leg to infinity.
Leadership Bonus
You earn a % from the carrier bonus paid to all your directly sponsored members from their level 1 to level 5
monthly maintenance
On your last stage, you earn this monthly for maintening your self, Car and mansion for the next one year.
Are we legal?

Yes We Are.

This company is fully registered with corporate Affairs Commission and Federal inland Revenue as a responsible and law abiding company.

Our Simple System

We are using a simple binary method through point accumulation to enable our partners benefit at every little effort they put in.

Why Simple binary

With our experience in the industry, having evaluated all other systems, we believe that the best system of multi level marketing is the binary system where all you need is accumulation of points on your left and right.

You will need so much energy, time and stress to build other systems which seems easy at first, but gradually you discover that the higher you go, the more difficult it becomes to earn.

But Our Simple Binary system is where you earn points and money almost immediately as people join you. Even though one side is active and one is not, all you need is to put effort on that one side that is weak and every single person that comes on board enables you to earn because your weak leg is your paying leg. for instance, you have 200 points on your strong leg and NO point on the weak leg, each registration on that weak leg gives you points to earn, 1 point = $1 USD therefor if you generate 50 points on that weak leg, you have earned $50 USD. How sweet and simple earnings can be.

We Believe In Character Building, We Believe In Wealth Creation